Pro-Trump Singer Accuses Trump Associate Of Sexual Assault

Joy Villa has filed a complaint against Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, for allegedly sexually assaulting her at the Trump International Hotel.

Corey Lewandowski

Joy Villa, a singer, Trump supporter and a potential congressional candidate, has filed a complaint against Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski for allegedly sexually assaulting her.

Villa claims Lewandowski hit her twice on her rear during a post-Thanksgiving soiree at the Trump International Hotel, in Washington, D.C. She called Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department after her friends urged her to come forward even though she was reluctant due to apprehension about backlash. However, she came forward with the complaint after a friend, who witnessed the incident, spoke about it publicly.

Villa was reportedly in tears when she was interviewed by the police after her allegations. She told Newsweek, "This is not easy. I understand why so many women don't come forward. I mean, I cried. It was very hard for me to tell the story again."

She said of Lewandowski, “I didn’t know him at all. I only knew him by reputation. He broke my trust. I pray that he does work out whatever issues he has. He felt he needed to publicly disrespect me like this, or that he felt like that was OK in his world."

Initially, Lewandowski did not respond to Villa's accusation. Recently, though, he said he would allow "due process to take its course."

This isn't first time Lewandowski has been accused of misconduct with women. He allegedly grabbed Michelle Fields, a former Breitbart reporter, last year, which led to his arrest.

Villa also spoke to Newsweek about her experience after reporting her assault.

It took her more than three hours to talk to the D.C. law enforcement authorities and to answer their "grueling" questions. Later, a video of her smacking a man on the rear was circulated on the internet, to which she responded by saying it was a consensual horseplay with a friend.

"A lot of shame came in, even to me making excuses, to where I said, 'I know this is not something worse. I know this is not a rape,'" she added. "The detective had to correct me and [say], 'This is a sexual assault, and we are taking it just as serious as it should be taken, and even though you're someone who's notable, no one deserves to be touched when they don't want to be touched.'"

The singer says regardless of the criticism, she wants to remain part of the public debate about sexual misconduct and said, "I'm not going to stop. I will not be intimidated, and I refuse to be a victim." 

Villa has been told by the police the case could go to trial as a misdemeanor as there are no new developments. Meanwhile, she said she has no contact with Lewandowski but is willing to speak to him if he feels like apologizing. 

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