23-Month-Old Alfie Evans Dies, Parents Heartbroken

The attorney for the child’s parents begged Justice Hayden to show “common humanity and common sense.”


Alfie Evans, the 23-year-old British baby, passed away early Saturday morning, his father Thomas Evans said on Facebook.

Little Alfie had a degenerative disease and had been on life support for most of his short life. After a series of court cases, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, northern England, deiced to remove his life support against the wishes of his parent.

However, the little fighter surprised everyone when he continued to breathe unaided. He breathed his last just few hours into Saturday.
The internet was flooded with condolences from users who have followed little Alfie’s struggle to fight for his life.






The tale of the United Kingdom’s brave little Alfie Evans might meet its end after a judge denied his parents' appeal to fly the child to Italy for renewed treatment.

Alfie’s disease stumped the doctors after they were unable to diagnose his rare condition, which caused his brain to progressively degenerate.

Meanwhile, Alfie had been on life support at the Alder Hey hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit for the past 16 months. The support was recently removed after doctors deemed the child was not going to get any better.

The extraordinary fighter in Alfie left the doctors stunned — yet again — after he survived removing of ventilation and is breathing on his own.

The attorney for the child’s parents begged Justice Hayden to show “common humanity and common sense.”

The judge refused the parents’ pleas, ruling it would be better for Alfie to spend his “final days or hours” in the care of his parents at a hospice or home. The judge said doctors have lost all hope for betterment in Alfie’s miraculous journey.

The wonder child’s story has touched millions in Britain and around the world, with protests outside the child’s hospital to grant him permission to use the life support.

The hearing took place amid tight security in Manchester.

Judge Hayden said family lawyer Paul Diamond’s claims the child was getting better were unsubstantial. He said Alfie’s lengthened life has given his parents a “special opportunity” to spend quality time with him and do not waste it in legal battles.

The child’s family hoped he would be allowed to travel to Vatican City after his father, Tom Evans, met with Pope Francis and receive treatment at a Vatican-affiliated hospital.

The pope also tweeted his support for the Evans family.



Diamond said an Italian military air ambulance was on standby to take Alfie to Italy had the appeal been granted.

Judge Hayden called Alfie “a fighter, resilient, courageous and a warrior” for surviving without life support but he also added that his disease had “almost entirely wiped out” his brain matter and any prolonging to his suffering would be ill advised.

The U.K. government’s decision to take Alfie off of life support and refusal to grant him permission to fly to Italy has caused outrage on social media platforms like Twitter.






Evans and his wife are set to appeal the High Court’s decision.

“The court of appeal have reached out to us and said they are going to set back three judges to hear the case,” Evans told the reporters outside the hospital.

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