Judge: 'If You’re Innocent You’ll Go To Heaven After You’re Hanged'

An Iranian judge told a man he was sentencing to death that if he truly was innocent he could expect to go to heaven after his execution.

After a trial that reportedly lasted less than five minutes, an Iranian judge decided to sentence a man being charged with drug offenses to death.

Reza Hosseini, 34, was executed earlier this month. According to The Independent, he was imprisoned for drug-related charges but insisted throughout his entire incarceration and trial that he was innocent.

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When Judge Tayerani was giving his verdict, he purportedly told Hosseini, “If you’re innocent you’ll go to heaven after you’re hanged.”

Hosseini’s wife, Azadeh Geravand, confirmed the comments made by the judge and claimed her husband was also mistreated while incarcerated before his execution.

The narcotics mentioned in Reza's case file were discovered by authorities in our neighbor’s home whom we don't even know,” Geravand reportedly told the news agency, HRANA. “The only reason why Reza was arrested is because he got into a physical altercation with the authorities in the parking lot of our residence.”

She went on to detail the torture she claims her husband endured and the way she and her mother-in-law were rudely treated when they tried to visit him before his death.

"In the first 70 days of his imprisonment Reza was subjected to torture and interrogations,” she said. “We were not allowed to visit him until he was transferred to Ghezel Hesar Prison. But, even then, we weren't granted our first visit with him until after 11 months of imprisonment.”

“When we realized his death sentence was to be carried out, me and Reza's mother somehow managed to drive 840 kilometers to Ghezel Hesar Prison to see him for the last time. But, once we arrived, the authorities did not allow us to visit him. Instead, they hurled insults at us,” she added.

She said the judge made the disturbingly crass comments about her husband’s afterlife after her husband asked him, “Why should I plead guilty if I am innocent?”

Hosseini maintained his innocence until his execution on May 3rd


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