No-Nonsense Judge Tears Off His Robes To Restrain Defendant

The defendant constantly talked back to the judge and when he refused to be cuffed by courtroom officer, the judge lost his patience.

A Michigan judge was forced to leave the bench and spring into action after an unruly defendant refused to follow his orders.

The unusual incident, which occurred last December but was only re, was captured on camera.

Jackson County Circuit Court Judge John McBain was hearing a case about a personal protection order violation.

Throughout the hearing, the defendant, identified as Jacob Larson, kept talking back to McBain.

"I told you, just leave her alone ... she clearly has no interest in seeing you,” ordered McBain, to which Larson shot back, saying, “I want her to tell me to leave her alone.”

In response, the judge sentenced the defendant to three days in jail.

But that was enough to shut Larson up, as it turned out.

He kept arguing and the punishment went up to 45 days, then to 93 days and then to 365.

As McBain gave his final orders, Larson again disobeyed him by resisting a courtroom officer’s attempt to handcuff him.

It was this moment when an infuriated McBain left his seat, threw off his robe and rushed to restrain the defendant himself.

“Tase his a** right now,” the judge yelled.

Despite the fracas, Larson was not tasered and received 93 days in jail instead of 365.

McBain doesn’t regret his actions in the court.

“Sometimes, I think a judge needs a little fire in the right kind of cases,” he told MLive. “(The) one thing I don’t tolerate is disruptions in my courtroom.”

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Bobby Yip

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