Just 6 Months In And President Trump Has Averaged 4.9 Lies A Day

The Washington Post has kept a tally of President Donald Trump's false or misleading claims since his inauguration, and their six-month report shows that he's a liar in chief.

President Donald Trump followed by First Lady Melania Trump walk across the lawn outside the columns of a white mansion.

President Donald Trump says a lot of things, so The Washington Post decided to perform an extensive fact-check on his assertions from the past months. What the publication found is the president loves to embellish the truth.

According to the newspaper's research, the president averaged 4.9 “false or misleading” claims per day during his first six months in office. But perhaps what is more concerning about the publication's discovery is that the president makes so many misstatements that researchers often have a hard time keeping up.

Aside from making wrong assumptions and uttering claims that are dubious at best, researchers found that Trump seems to be unlike other politicians in the sense that he won't drop a false claim once it has been ousted as such. As a result, the president will continue to repeat the same claims whether they have already been debunked or not.

In their research, The Washington Post also discovered that Trump's most repeated claim was a statement regarding the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, dying. It's “essentially dead,” he often repeated. However, the Congressional Budget Office has reported that while the Obamacare exchanges do have issues, they remain stable.

The president has made some variation of this claim at least 44 times, researchers found.

Aside from making miscalculated comments regarding Obamacare, the president also has the habit of taking credit for things he hasn't done or accomplished.

According to the research, Trump claimed about 30 times that he had negotiated new hires or secured business investments that had already been announced previously.

A great example of this phenomenon was when he claimed that it took him “one sentence” to get Chinese President Xi Jinping to allow America to sell its beef to China. However, President Barack Obama had already settled a deal with China in September 2016 securing U.S. beef sales to China.

Researchers also found that Trump touted his tax proposal as “the biggest tax cut in the history of our country,” and yet, his administration hasn't released a full tax plan.

Even when it comes to claims that actually make him sound cruel and heartless, such as when he said he secured $350 billion deals with Saudi Arabia, he is also being misleading. After all, these “deals” he boasted about were just what researchers called “aspirational” and not concrete, meaning that few have really been concluded so far.

As you can see, the president's claims are oftentimes exaggerations or misstatements used to boost his case or even his efficiency. While this “quality” may not be as damaging to someone in real estate, it may prove damaging to elected officials. Unless, of course, nobody takes what the president says seriously. When it comes to Trump, this might as well be the case.

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