Twitter Slams Justice Thomas For Ruling Against Black Death Row Inmate

Clarence Thomas is lone dissenter in a case about picking jury members for their race, which left a black man sentenced to death almost 30 years ago.

Justice Clarence Thomson

In a historic trial of jury discrimination, the Supreme Court on Monday with an overwhelming majority overturned the death penalty sentence for an African-American who served nearly three decades on death row.

In 1987, Georgia native Timothy Tyrone Foster was accused of killing a 79-year-old white woman. His attorneys later found out that prosecution used “peremptory strikes” to exclude black jury members from his trial, replacing them with white jurors. Foster sought to have his conviction overturned, despite admitting to the crime in mid-1980s, citing racial bias.

The Supreme Court ruled in his favor with 7-1, justifying the decision by reaffirming how racially motivated jury selections are unconstitutional. While the ruling is expected to have wider legal ramifications on the systemically racist justice system, there is one thing that irked African-Americans all over the country.

Justice Clarence Thomas, the only justice of color, was the lone dissenter in Foster v. Chatman ruling. Along with arguing that Foster's constitutional rights were not violated, he was also the only one to insist that jury selection should not be revisited almost 30 years after the trial.

Fortunately, Thomas’ personal beliefs did not affect the outcome of the case. However, Twitterati had a lot to say about the justice and his Antonin Scalia-like ways.






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