#JusticeForZainab: 7-Year-Old Child Raped Multiple Times, Murdered

The child's body was reportedly found "dumped in trash" in Kasur, the Pakistani city where more than 280 children were subjected to rape for years.


In a horrifying case that has shocked the nation, a 7-year-old girl was reportedly raped multiple times in Kasur, Pakistan, before being murdered.

Passersby discovered the body of the minor, identified as Zainab, "dumped in trash" on Jan. 9, according to the local newspaper The News International. She was kidnapped on Jan.5.

The child's uncle, Muhammad Adnan, filed a First Information Report (FIR) since her parents were not in the country when she went missing.

The Express Tribune, another local publication, reports CCTV footage showing the faces of Zainab's kidnappers is available. The police are investigating the incident. They have also released a sketch of at least one suspect.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif addressed the case on Twitter, stating he has asked for a report from the Inspector General Punjab Police.



Local Pakistani channel SAMAA TV reports two people have died in clashes between protesters and the police over Zainab's murder.


Kasur, which is situated in Punjab, Pakistan's most populous province, has been making national headlines in Pakistan, since 2015, following an exposé of a pedophile ring that abused and filmed hundreds of children for years.

From 2006-14, the ring reportedly forced more than 280 children, ages 6-15, to perform lewd acts and videotaped them to sell footage on the internet and CDs worth Rs50 ($0.45). The abuse was allowed to continue due to complicity of law-enforcement.

In addition, parents of victims were allegedly consistently silenced after either blackmailing and/or coercing them into paying hundreds of thousands of rupees over threats of releasing the videos of abuse in public.

Over the past two years, several protests have broke out across Pakistan over the mishandling of the child abuse cases.

Hundreds of people attended Zainab's funeral, Pakistani media reported. Meanwhile, thousands took to social media, using the hashtag  #justiceforzainab, to denounce the rape of the child, which is the latest case involving sexual abuse  of  children in the city.







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