Justice Kennedy's Son Loaned Trump $1 Billion When No One Else Would

Justice Kennedy’s son was the global head of Deutsche bank’s real-estate division when it loaned Trump over $1billion for his real-estate projects.

At a time when no other bank would loan President Donald Trump because of his troubled business history, Deutsche bank had reportedly loaned POTUS over $1 billion to fund his real-estate projects.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s son, Justin Kennedy was the global head of the bank’s real-estate division at that time. He was also a close business associate to Trump for more than 12 years.

In 2017, after Trump made his first speech at the congress he was filmed telling Kennedy, “say hello to your boy — special guy,” referring to his son, Justin Kennedy.

And the boy was surely special to Trump and his business deals.  

The real-estate mogul had an inconsistent track record comprised of bankruptcies and lawsuits — yet, he was able to get a massive loan from the bank because during Justin’s tenure.

Trump reportedly constructed and renovated skyscrapers and other developments in Chicago and New York with that money.

According to Trump’s latest financial disclosures, he still owes the bank $175 million.

Justice Kennedy jolted the country after he announced retirement at the last day of his term. This move was disappointing for liberals who hoped the Justice won’t put Trump in a position to name his successor.

Kennedy sided with the conservative majority in a number of important cases, including Trump’s travel and abortion rights.

After his retirement, the president is now in a position of selecting Kennedy’s replacement.  Trump would reportedly make a selection form a “pre-made” list made by the Trump administration while considering people for court.  Naturally, Trump would now select a justice who would work on his special interests and satisfy his base ahead of the midterm elections.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Democrats would not confirm any nominee “who will put health insurance companies over patients, or put the federal government between a woman and her doctor.”

It is pertinent to note that Kennedy announced his retirement days before reports revealed his son’s relationship with Trump. Justin helped Trump get a loan when no other bank would while he was at a senior position at Deutsche bank and now his father retires from his position, giving Trump the opportunity to replace his seat. 








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