Young Father Jumps For Epic One-Handed Catch While Holding Baby

A father of an 11-month-old takes multitasking to a whole new level, as he becomes part of the game with a baby in one arm and an amazing catch with the other.

Baseball fan Justin Kirkpatrick was deeply engrossed in watching the Pirates-Diamondbacks baseball game on Friday, while simultaneously taking care of his baby, when he realized he had one more task to accomplish.

The man, who saw a homerun pop up in the air and fly toward his seat, apparently has brilliant reflexes as he promptly jumped up and caught the ball with one hand, holding his baby boy, Riker, in the other.

Even though many others stood up to catch the ball, which was Diamondbacks' Wellington Castillo’s fourth-inning home run, Kirkpatrick managed to steal the show with what seemed like an effortless catch. Riker didn’t seem bothered with his father’s quick movements, and did not even flinch as the man gripped the ball and proudly showed it off to the crowd.

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"I just saw it coming and I reached up and it kind of just fell into my hand," Kirkpatrick told Root Sports reporter Robby Incmikoski at the match.

The night ended with the Pirates' 8-7 victory over the Diamondbacks at Chase Field, but will surely be remembered by Kirkpatrick — and preserved on video for his son. To make the memory even cuter, father and son were dressed in matching yellow jerseys for the game.

Check out the video of the epic catch above. 

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