11-Year-Old ‘Humiliated’ For Wearing These Leggings To School

The school nurse allegedly told the sixth-grader that she wasn’t allowed to call her mother or go home to change her dress.

A Kansas mother expressed her outrage after her daughter was sent to the office for wearing what was, according to school officials, an inappropriate outfit.

The incident occurred at Lansing Middle School.

Kimberly Jones said her daughter Bella was “humiliated” when she was forced to wear sweatpants because she wore leggings to school.

After a nurse measured the 11-year-old’s pink tunic top and flowered leggings, the dress was deemed “too short and revealing.”

However, Jones didn’t agree with the evaluation.

"You can't see anything — her pants were not skin tight," she told KCTV5. "They were not see through."

The school nurse then made Bella put on sweatpants and told her she wasn’t allowed to go home to change her dress or call her mother.

But the girl sent a text to her mother anyway.


"She texted me all upset, sobbing, that they told her not to call me and that she had to wear borrowed sweatpants all day," Jones wrote on Facebook, which has since been deleted. "Their policy is that they are not allowed to change."

Community Relations Coordinator Ninevah Carvan says while Bella’s outfit violated the school’s dress code, the decision to make her wear sweatpants was not meant to be a punishment.

“They [the school] just want to make sure when students do have a dress code violation, that they can quickly return back to class," Carvan told Fox 40.

"Just moving forward we will make sure and confirm ... that parents are contacted and aware if there are any issues at school," the coordinator added.

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