Kris Kobach Attends Parade In Jeep Fitted With A Machine Gun

The city of Shawnee, Kansas, was sorry for Kobach’s insensitive act. However, the pro-gun Kansas state secretary did not apologize.


On a day when the city was celebrating its heritage at the Old Shawnee Days Parade, Kansas State Secretary Kris Kobach was spotted in a red, white and blue jeep that had a large machine gun mounted in the back.

The city of Shawnee, which hosted the parade, apologized to the residents for the Republican gubernatorial nominee’s insensitive act.

"We want to apologize for the concern and frustration involved with Mr. Kris Kobach's parade entry at the Old Shawnee Days Parade on Saturday, June 2, 2018," the city of Shawnee wrote on Twitter. "In no way does this or any parade entry or float directly reflect the views and values of the City, the Old Shawnee Days Board or the Old Shawnee Days Society. Please know that the safety of our residents is always our highest priority and we apologize if this made anyone feel unsafe or unsettled. We will be taking steps in the future to try to ensure something similar does not happen again."

But Kobach wasn’t sorry. Instead, the Trump loyalist doubled down on his support for guns and refused to apologize.

“The gun is a replica,” Kobach spokeswoman Danedri Herbert said in a text message. “The secretary says those who use the excuse of school violence to restrict the right to bear arms are deeply misguided. We need to stand up for our Second Amendment rights and recognize the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

However, this justification is extremely shallow, because when did anyone ever defeat a bad guy with a “replica” gun. If anything, the machine gun replica probably scarred gun violence victims who were participating in the parade. 

People on social media, including human right activists, slammed Kobach’s tone-deaf stunt that took place during a family-friendly parade.














Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Dave Kaup

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