Emma Gonzalez Praises Waffle House Hero After Kanye Calls Her His Hero

After Kanye West posted a tribute to Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez, the teen took to Twitter to applaud Waffle house hero James Shaw Jr.


One of the most acclaimed rappers of the 21st century, Kanye West, recently returned to Twitter (after almost a full year of absence) to not only announce his new album but also profess his rather controversial admiration for President Donald Trump.

Amongst the rapper’s debate-triggering tweets, the most recent one is West’s tribute to one of Parkland school shooting survivors and prominent gun control activists, Emma Gonzalez. However, the teen did not appear overly impressed by West’s show of appreciation.

 Instead, the young activist seemingly deflected the sudden compliment by sharing a social media post of similar nature – only her hero wasn’t the 40-year-old rapper.


The gun control activist celebrated James Shaw Jr., the man who saved numerous lives at a Waffle House in Antioch neighborhood of Tennessee, Nashville, after a semi-nude gunman, identified as Travis Reinking, fatally shot two people in the parking lot of the restaurant before entering the establishment and opening fire, killing two more people.

As Metro Nashville Police Spokesman Don Aaron explained, Shaw Jr. “saw the gunman looking at his rifle. At that point, the shots had stopped. So, he decided to rush the gunman, actually wrestled that assault rifle away, tossed it over the counter. At that point, the gunman then fled.”

The 29-year-old later insisted he was only looking out for himself. However, the truth is, if it weren’t for him disarming the alleged shooter, the death toll could have been much worse.

Meanwhile, West followed his initial tweet with a selfie with caption: "Inspired by Emma."


Lately, the hip-hop star appears to have doubled down on his "love" for Trump in a series of tweets, including one with a picture of him wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.

In light of such tweets, his shout out to Gonzalez is a clear contradiction as the teenage activist has openly rebuked the president and called for stringent gun laws ever since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting rocked the nation. With Gonzalez and Trump at the opposite ends of the contentious gun control debate, West’s declaration of support for both of them certainly confused his followers.




Moreover, West’s followers, who had applauded him for his pro-Trump posts in the past, were not pleased by his support for the Parkland survivor, as they replied to his post with “BOOOOO" and "U need help."

Gonzalez’s subtle yet powerful response to West’s tweet clearly showed she cares little about praises and took the opportunity to applaud the man who didn’t only risk his life to save others but also raised more than $18,000 to help the shooting victims.

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