Kanye West's Financial Woes Are Helping Kenya

Check out this amusing website using Kanye West’s financial woes and Twitter rants to boost their charity for children in Kenya.

After hearing so much about Kanye West's alleged debt of $53 million and his quest for money, copywriter Gabriel Ferrer launched a new charity site called Help Kenya, Not Kanye.

This charity, which is operated from Edmonton, helps children in Nairobi, and has gained much traffic and donations, all by using celebrity vanity.

The site has nine different sections, each linking to various charities like Kenya Aid, Just Give, Humanity Kenya and the Tap Water Project.

With various comparisons to Kanye vs. Kenya's needs,  such “Books > Boosts,” “The Life Of Many > The Life Of Pablo” and “Famine > Fashion,” the websites urges donators to aid the people of Kenya in educating their children by donating books, medicines and clothing.

"If you really want a GOOD Friday, help Kenya not Kanye," Ferrer states.

So instead of throwing $700 at Kanye's vanity, the charity organizers hope people will see that $700 can feed children at the Kenyan school, which educates children affected by HIV/AIDS. With every Twitter rant about his genius and begging Mark Zuckerberg for cash, Kanye could actually help people who need it because of the attention to his increasingly unhinged posts.

Sometimes, a lot can be done with just a little effort. As the children in Kenya face enormous difficulties in getting their education, sanitary and home equipment needs fulfilled, this attempt is guiding people toward more important issues than Kanye’s financial Twitter rants: The impoverished people in Nairobi.

"Being a Kanye fan is really hard," Ferrer writes at the end. "But donating to Kenya is really easy. I hope in the future I won’t have to pick Good deeds over GOOD music, but until then we can help people that don’t have 21 Grammys."

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