Surprise Kanye West Show Wreaks Havoc In New York City

Kanye West planned to surprise his audience with a concert at 2 a.m. But unfortunately, it left the city in chaos, with many injured.

Early Monday morning, Kanye West announced a surprise performance in New York City. To catch a glimpse of the artist, thousands of people swarmed the streets around Webster Hall.


Things soon got out of control as people climbed on cars, garbage cans and even hung out of windows to watch the “Kanye sighting.”



West soon tweeted that the show was “sold out,” followed by Kim Kardashian posting a video on Snapchat showing the artists trying to convince NYC officials to let him perform outside.


But apparently, upon not getting permission, West simply stood out on the sunroof of his car to greet anxious fans.

Unfortunately as fans ran behind West’s car and chanted his name, the star and his companions had to leave, as the police began emptying the streets.

It remains unclear whether the concert tickets were actually even put up for sale but Webster Hall left a heart-breaking tweet for fans informing them that there would be no show.


Kardashian later posted a video on Snapchat telling fans that Kanye tried his best to hold the show but now was in bed.

Many people got injured during the chaos.


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