GOPer’s Husband: ‘Free The Black Slaves From Democratic Plantation’

The image, shared by a Twitter user, features a photo of a young black man in a suit with the words, “Free The Black Slaves From The Democratic Plantation.”


The husband of a Republican congressional candidate urged constituents to vote for his wife in the most racist of tweets.

Steve Handel, the husband of Karen Handel, who is running for Congress in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, tweeted a meme with the words “Free The Black Slaves From The Democratic Plantation” emblazoned upon it.

The image, shared by Twitter user @rose10052, featured an photo of a young black man in a suit alongside a photo of Handel, with the text, “Criticizing black kids for obeying the law, studying in school, and being ambitious as 'acting white' is a trick Democrats play on Black people to keep them poor, ignorant, and dependent.”

Beneath the photo a disturbing caption reads, “Free The Black Slaves From The Democratic Plantation.”

“Handel will fight for minorities to excel," stated the image and urged people to “join the movement" and "send Karen Handel to Congress" with a link to her website.

A spokesman for Handel’s campaign offered apologies and explained that Handel’s husband accidently shared the image in the form of quote-tweet, in which he shared the tweet of another user who had added his own commentary. They added that he hadn’t paid attention to what was written in the original tweet and it was a “mistake.”

“Like many of us, he (Steve) made a mistake and retweeted something he didn't pay a lot of attention to, thinking it was just an absentee vote message. It clearly was not appropriate and has been deleted,” Handel’s campaign said.

It’s amazing how many times Republicans have excused their reprehensible behavior by calling it a mistake.




As for Handel, she is facing off against Democrat Jon Ossoff next month to replace former Rep. Tom Price, President Donald Trump’s Health and Human Services secretary.

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