Kathy Griffin Nails Analysis Of ‘Idiot’ Trump’s Joint Session Speech

In case you missed it, Kathy Griffin provided an on-point analysis of President Donald Trump’s speech to Congress.



If you were one of those people who, despite President Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric, still endured his first address to a joint session of Congress for nearly an hour, then you are not alone — Kathy Griffin understands your pain.

The stand-up comedienne appeared on MSNBC’s “Hardball” to discuss the president’s latest speech with host Chris Matthews.

While she took a jab at Trump’s bigotry when she said she had to “watch this idiot for an hour and nine minutes” state “one hateful thing after another,” Griffin also provided a spot-on analysis of some of the most crucial parts of the POTUS’s speech.

For instance, Griffin pointed out how Trump is fascinated with committing more troops for war but hasn’t really been to many conflict zones. (Griffin herself has been to Iraq and Afghanistan to perform for U.S. troops.)

“One thing I personally have an issue with is, my goodness, anyone who’s running for president should at least go to these areas and see what war really is,” she said. “Being in those war zones… it’s a very different than what you think it will be.”

It’s also important to mention here that Trump doesn’t have any experience on the battlefield. In fact, he dodged the military draft five times.

Next up, Griffin took on Trump’s “audacity” to make promises about health care when he has no concrete back-up or replacement plan and that millions of Americans — including Trump’s supporters — will lose their health care plan as a result.

“I’m a big resister and I don’t believe in compromise with this president. I also think he’s crazy, I think he’s mentally ill. He’s also an idiot,” Griffin added.

You can watch Griffin’s analysis in the video above.

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