Jake Tapper Slams GOP Hypocrisy: Trump's Actions 'Should Be Condemned'

Jake Tapper points out that while Kathy Griffin's severed head stunt was wrong, the president has done reprehensible things, too. And the GOP voted for him.

Kathy Griffin has lost a lot of support, a sponsor, and a lucrative New Year's Eve gig for the incredibly not-funny photograph of herself holding President Donald Trump's bloody, severed head.

Few are defending her choice, and after a few rounds on the internet, you will see how her terrible judgment has only further divided the country. However, there is also a lot of hypocrisy at play, as CNN anchor Jake Tapper pointed out on Twitter.

The conservative right has been quick to chew Griffin out, and she's certainly put herself in a position to be, but it's hard not to wonder what leg these individuals have to stand on when they helped elect a man who has said vile things about POWs, mocked the disabled, proudly bragged about sexually assaulting women, and has been tellingly cagey when it comes to defending minorities.

He was the source and key proponent of a racist lie against former President Barack Obama that went on for years, and through his silence as well as his actions, helped foster an environment that has not made America "great again" but instead increasingly unsafe.

Yet Republicans have supported him through it all.

After the Griffin fiasco, Donald Trump Jr. posed the question on Twitter, "Imagine a conservative did this to Obama as POTUS?"

The thing is this, Trump Jr. and all the others nodding their heads in agreement: Trump has done everything from insinuating an angry citizen should assassinate his opponent for the presidency to saying Russia should hack American intelligence. He's said and done terrible things from a position of far greater power than Griffin ever has.

And look where we are in the end: Griffin was fired and Trump is president. 

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