Katrina Pierson Brazenly Claims Reporters 'Literally Beat' Trump Fans

Donald Trump's spokeswoman's latest claim is that liberal reporters are "literally beating" Trump supporters into backing a left-wing agenda.

Donald Trump's spokeswoman Katrina Pierson is well known for fabricating ridiculous claims, and she is now alleging that “left-wing reporters literally beat” Trump supporters.

In an interview with Fox Business Network in which Pierson was discussing Trump and media bias, Pierson said that Trump’s voters liked the billionaire because of his candidness and toughness, according to Talking Points Memo.

“The voters want someone that’s gonna fight back because they are tired of seeing left-wing reporters literally beat Trump supporters into submission into supporting policies they don’t agree with,” Pierson stated.

Pierson apparently lacks understanding of the definition of the word “literally”—while reporters have in no way shown violence toward Trump supporters, the same cannot be said for Trump’s campaign toward reporters.

Former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was accused of assaulting Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, leaving bruises on her arm, while Trump’s security team put a TIME reporter in a chokehold for daring to step out of the press box.

Pierson reiterated the notion that Trump exhibits strength: “The last two presidential cycles we had Republican candidates that just sat there and took a beating and Mr. Trump isn’t gonna do that.”

With Trump claiming that the election is “rigged” months before November and attempting to weasel his way out of debates with his opponents, he is much more cowardly than Pierson would ever admit.

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