Kayak Company In Hot Water For Mocking White Women, Jews, And Mexico

The family that owns Fort Worth Kayak Adventures has since apologized for their offensive Facebook post, but the damage has already been done.

First person view of yellow kayak floating in open water

Fort Worth Kayak Adventures is under scrutiny after posting Facebook messages that mocked white women, Jews, and Mexicans.

The city of Fort Worth, Texas, broke ties with the kayak rental company due to an offensive post explaining why they had to double its rates, according to Jewish-focused news site The Forward.

“To all you broke-a** hateful know-it-all white women and Facebook trolls that think they are going to Jew us down...,” the post began before going on to blame the city for requiring the company to purchase pricey liability insurance and share 10 percent of its profits.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the company removed the offensive line after receiving complaints, but replaced it with, “The price is set in stone so stop wasting your time. This is NOT Mexico.”

After receiving even more criticism, the owners of the business publicly apologized in an interview with NBC 5.

“We’re truly, truly sorry for everything that was said,” said Lori Tenery, who runs the family business with her husband — who she said is Jewish himself — and daughter. “We hope that you will find it in your hearts to forgive us and give us a chance again and make it right.”

Tenery’s 17-year-old daughter also shared a separate apology:

“I can understand completely why people are upset and I make a public apology to that,” she said. “The whole Mexico thing was referring to prices, not people.”

Despite their apologies, their offensive posts have cost them customers, such as Reagan Bryant who determined she would not be patronizing the establishment after seeing the post.

"It seems like it's a little too little too late,” Bryant said of the family’s apology. 

Tenery's family may not be racist people, but they are most certainly oblivious if they truly thought for one second that those remarks were going to fly. 

Every bit of backlash they're receiving for this display of sheer ignorance is warranted.

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