Twitter Slams Trump-Loving Speaker For Not Knowing How Elections Work

Twitter users were left baffled after Kayleigh McEnany announced a “red tsunami” was coming because a Democrat beat another Democrat in a Democratic primary.



 Young political activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez caused a major upset when she defeated 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley in the New York Democratic Primary.

While that is, indeed, a remarkable feat, various President Donald Trump supporters used the opportunity to mock Crowley, much like the president himself.

However, the comments of one such Trump-lover became a cause for relentless mocking by Twitter users as they explained to her how primaries work.

The top spokesperson for the Republican National Committee Kayleigh McEnany may have a Harvard degree but her ignorant comments over the Democratic primary’s result show she has no idea how elections work.

McEnany’s embarrassing remarks came in support of another, equally ignorant, remark by none other than the POTUS.


Trump boasting how Crowley would have won the primary, had he been nicer to his president, prompted Twitter users to explain a Democratic primary loss is certainly not a win for him.

McEnany took the ludicrousness one step further when she said, as a result of Democratic activist winning; “a red Tsunami” was approaching.


And when Politico’s Jake Sherman tried to explain to how her comments made no sense, she refused to concede defeat, just adding on more ridiculousness.



Sherman tried again, but to no avail.


Twitter users quickly pounced on the opportunity to give McEnany a much needed lesson in how elections work.


Some were clearly baffled.





McEnany, much like the POTUS, tried to equate Ocasio-Cortez’s stunning victory to Republicans’ triumph, when the activist is surely not likely to back any of Trump’s policies, is more than a little absurd.

The progressive activist has called out most of Trump’s course of actions. She has spoken against Israel’s brutal killings of Palestinians at the Gaza border, she has asked to abolish ICE, spoken against Trump’s notorious “Muslim Ban” and demanded a nationalized healthcare system.

Maybe someone needs to spell it out for McEnany but Ocasio-Cortez’s win is definitely not symbolic of a “red tsunami.”

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