Quicken Loans Mortgage Ad Slammed For Being 'Subliminally Racist'

In the advertisement, Keegan-Michael Key acts as a translator who tells white people about basketball and black people about managing finances.


A Quicken Loans ad for its online mortgage brand, “Rocket Mortgage,” is being slammed as being racist online and people criticizing actually make a valid point.

Keegan-Michael Key plays the role of a translator, apparently, to simplify a complex situation. However, the situations portrayed are not complex at all. They only push the stereotype that people belonging to certain races or backgrounds are aliens to certain things – except that they are not.

In the advertisement, titled “lingo,” a white basketball-playing father can be seen dribbling the basketball telling his family, “Ooh-wee, grab an umbrella kids ‘cause dad’s gonna make it rain “tres tres.” That is when Key makes an entry and explains to the seemingly confused family what their dad meant. “He’s saying he’s gonna score a bunch of three-pointers on you.”

It won’t be wrong to say that the ad basically stereotypes white people, giving a message that they can’t understand the game of basketball.

As the Super Bowl 2018 commercial continues, actress Lori Hammel can be seen explaining financial terms to a black couple. “There are multiples on the table: One is cash, three are FHA, one is VA. So what you can do,” she tells the couple who seems confused of her technical jargons.

Key makes his second entry and explains to the black youngsters what she meant.

“She’s saying a whole lotta people want to buy this house. But you got this,” he said before a clip showing a phone with the rocket mortgage app on.

Naturally, home buying language is complicated but it is not only black people who fail to understand it.  Also, basketball is not just a game understood by black people, it is a game played by all kinds of people, including white people.

Some people online think the ad is not racist and is rather trying to be all inclusive and diverse. Meanwhile, others believe the commercial is subliminally racist and pushes stereo-types.







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