Here's The Damning Footage Of Police Shooting Keith Scott

After days of mounting pressure, Charlotte police finally release the fatal police shooting of Keith Scott. But does it prove which side is telling the truth?

WARNING: Graphic content

After relentless protests, authorities in Charlotte, North Carolina released the footage of Keith Scott, whose shooting at the hands of police initiated yet another debate and days of protests on ingrained, systemic racism in the U.S.

The dashcam footage shows Scott exiting his car. Amid shouts to drop his gun, a shot breaks out and he falls to the floor. It is not clear whether Scott is touting a gun. The police say he was. His family says it was a book.

In the second body cam footage, Scott is standing outside his vehicle and then falls to the ground. Again, it’s unclear if Scott is holding a gun.

Earlier, Scott’s wife Rakeyiahad shared a video of the shooting she had recorded. Rakeyia can be heard imploring the officers to not shoot, and yelling that her husband does not have a gun.



The decision to release the footage to the public has come at a curious time. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory supported the decision. It is relevant to notice that McCrory signed HB972 in July, according to which only courts can decide whether footage can be released to the public. That law goes into effect on Oct. 1.

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