WH Lets Go Aide Who ‘Joked’ About John McCain Dying — After A Month

During an internal meeting, Sadler “joked” how John McCain’s opposition of Gina Haspel’s nomination does not matter, because “he’s dying anyway.”


Almost a month after making a vile comment about Senator John McCain’s ailing health, White House aide Kelly Sadler has been let go, reported CNN.

“Kelly Sadler is no longer employed within the Executive Office of the President,” wrote Raj Shah, the principal deputy press secretary, in an emailed statement.

A CNN source confirmed the White House has been planning a way to get rid of Sadler for the past two weeks, with the suggestion she might be reallocated to another department. Whether she was, in fact, reallocated or has left the administration completely still remains unanswered.

Even though Sadler has been let go, the White House has yet to condemn the remarks made by her, when she, in an internal meeting, said McCain’s opposition of Gina Haspel’s nomination as the CIA head does not matter because “he’s dying anyway.”

Sadler did not publicly apologize for the comment; however, she did privately call the senator’s daughter, Meghan McCain, who, replying to a work e-mail with Sadler’s departure’s news in it, wrote “Bye, Felicia.”

What should have resulted in the condemnation from the White House, over the unacceptable remarks regarding a senator, actually resulted in an internal effort to crack down on leakers, with President Donald Trump tweeting how, anyone who leaks information, is a “traitor and coward.”



According to CNN sources, the efforts to find out leakers has resulted in a bitter atmosphere in the White House with aides worried what they say one day, might become news the next day. In fact, Sadler reportedly told Trump the White House Strategic Communications Director Mercedes Schlapp is one of the leakers with Schlapp present in the room. The finger-pointing resulted in Sadler losing probably her last ally in the White House.

Various news outlets reported Sadler was let go of because of tensions with Schlapp and not the McCain comment.

Sadler was a special assistant to the president, responsible for compiling and distributing talking points to administration allies.

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