On Air, Kellyanne Conway Refers To Trump As 'Commander Of Cheese'

During an interview with CNN on Wednesday morning, White House Counsel Kellyanne Conway made a slip up that referenced her boss in a "cheesy" way.

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway probably doesn’t call her boss, President Donald Trump, the “big cheese.” But a verbal slip up on Wednesday morning had many in stitches after she made what sounded like a similar comparison.

During an interview with CNN, Conway referred to Trump as the “commander of cheese” — a mixup of his official title of commander in chief, a nomenclature that was established for all presidents within Article II of the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution, unfortunately, does not set out any titles for the president that include references of cheese within them.

Conway was trying to defend the president when she made the small mistake. She was asked during her interview why the president believes athletes must stand for the national anthem.

“And the problem with that is what?” Conway began her response. “No, just so we’re clear. And the problem with the president of the United States, and the commander of cheese — chief — expressing that opinion is exactly what?”

The error is completely understandable — it’s human nature to mess up every once in awhile, and Conway calling the president “commander of cheese” probably wasn’t a Freudian slip of any kind either.

It may cost her some points, however, with her boss — Trump appears to hate any defamation to his image, however slight it may be. Conway is also likely already on thin ice, due to her husband’s criticisms of the chief executive.

Regardless of what it may mean for Conway, it was a comical moment on live television that made many people on social media smile for a bit — at least until another real scandal of the Trump administration is revealed.

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