Conway Lies So Much, 15 Law Professors Filed A Complaint Against Her

“We do not believe that lawyers should face discipline unless the lawyer's conduct calls into question his or her 'fitness for the practice of law.’”

Another day, another controversy surrounds President Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway.

A group of university law professors from around the country have come together to write a letter to the office that governs misconduct by members of the D.C. bar.  

Conway is a graduate of George Washington University Law School and was admitted to the D.C. bar in 1995. However, she hasn’t practiced law for years and is a suspended member for not paying her dues.

The letter charges Conway for violating government ethics rules and “conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

“Generally speaking, we do not believe that lawyers should face discipline under this rule for public or private dishonesty or misrepresentations unless the lawyer's conduct calls into question his or her 'fitness for the practice of law,’'' read the letter.

However, the group believes lawyers in public office have a greater responsibility to avoid such instances.

The letter, which is signed by professors of George Washington, Yale, Fordham, Duke, Hofstra, Pace, Drexel, St. Louis and Northern Kentucky university law schools, points to various incidents when Conway made reference to events that were fake.

The letter cites her false statements regarding former President Obama’s "banned" Iraqi refugees from entering into the country. It also highlights her remarks to the “Bowling Green Massacre.” The lawyers have also questioned her ethics by pointing out remarks she used to promote first daughter Ivanka Trump’s products.

“We do not file this complaint lightly. We believe that, at one time, Ms. Conway, understood her ethical responsibilities as a lawyer and abided by them. But she is currently acting in a way that brings shame upon the legal profession,” added the lawyers.

Conway was also criticized greatly just days after taking charge as Trump’s counselor for her “alternative facts” comments.





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