What’s Trump’s Biggest Act Of Charity? Let Kellyanne Conway Answer

If you also question Trump’s charitable activities, Conway wants you to know that he has already made the biggest donation of his life.

One of Donald Trump’s biggest philanthropic gifts was under your nose the whole time. Don’t worry, you probably didn’t realize it because of the numerous charity frauds he has been accused of.

That’s what Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway just suggested when she was asked about her candidate’s checkered charity record.

It all started when CNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell and Andrew Ross Sorkin grilled Conway over Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold’s findings — which said of the more than 420 charities associated with Trump, only one received a gift worth less than $10,000.

Conway started off her reply, just like her boss, by denying the reports altogether.

“He’s a very generous man, I’ve seen him write checks,” she said. “I’ve been there when he’s writing checks to people.” 

Quite expectedly, Conway failed to provide facts to back her answer. She didn’t name any foundations the supposed checks were delivered to.

Then she went on to explain how a very generous act of charity by Trump — wait for it — was his decision to run for president.

“The fact is, that the idea that somebody who has made such a tremendous sacrifice to run for president — basically, a huge sacrifice — didn’t need the money, didn’t need the fame, didn’t need the power, didn’t need the status. And you’ve got a lot of deals that didn’t get done, I’m sure, in the Trump Corporation because the guy at the top is running for president,” she said.

Well, a lot of people would have wanted Trump to spare this “charity” but, unfortunately, it’s too late.

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