Kellyanne Conway Reveals How She Uses Her Gender To Influence Trump

“We’re heard and we’re seen and we’re listened to and we are sought out and sought after for our opinions and our judgment and our ideas and our insight,” Conway said.

President Donald Trump has often been criticized over his unabashed misogyny and sexism.

During his campaign trail, many women stepped forward and accused the then-presidential candidate of sexual harassment. But when he became president, his disregard for women became even more apparent when the POTUS assigned white males to head nearly all of the significant positions in his cabinet.

However, counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, who calls herself a post-feminist, anti-feminist or non-feminist, strongly disagrees with all of the above.

Conway, now famous for her “alternative facts,” believes being a woman has helped her with the president.

“We’re heard and we’re seen and we’re listened to and we are sought out and sought after for our opinions and our judgment and our ideas and our insight,” she told Business Insider.

However, she insisted the media doesn’t portray her to be an active member of the Trump administration and often leaves her out of important coverage, although she is present right there.

“It’s like, well, I was sitting next to the cameraman,” she said. “So I was right there, but I’m not in the shot. But that doesn’t mean that those men haven’t heard from the females.”

She further insisted her gender has helped her in her job as part of the Trump team, claiming it helps her be “unafraid to express [her] mind.”

At the Women Rule Summit in Washington, Conway told people being a woman allows her to deliver the worst news to Trump with a smile, without sugarcoating it. "I think there's a femininity that is attached to the way one carries herself or the way one executes on her duties," she said.

“I don’t consider [Trump] my peer, he is my boss and he is my elder. That has actually allowed me, in my view, to respectfully but forcefully express my opinion on certain matters,” Conway said of her relationship with the president.

Conway also explained she does not like using the word sexist because “it is the world that left and the Democrats and Hillary Clinton folks love to employ against everyone who doesn’t support her.”

“Of course sexism exists, but it usually doesn’t exist for a woman who was the former first lady of the United States of America, has a Yale law degree, and was the secretary of state and United States senator,” she said.

It is important to note that while having only a handful of women on his cabinet, Trump’s inner circle of White House aides also includes a very few women. Yet, it is rather interesting that Conway believes being a woman is beneficial in Trump’s cabinet, despite the numerous incidents of sexism by the POTUS that have come into the limelight.

Here are just some tweets by the president that will show you how he views women.




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