Kellyanne Conway Hypocritically Calls NYT Op-Ed Writer A ‘Coward’

While Conway blasted the NYT op-ed anonymous writer, she seems to have forgotten she tried to throw her husband under the bus for criticizing the POTUS — anonymously.



Remember when President Donald Trump’s chief counselor Kellyanne Conway tried to throw her husband under the bus for criticizing the POTUS — anonymously?

She seems to have no recollection of that.

Ever since the New York Times’ anonymous op-ed, Trump and his administration officials have called for the op-ed writer to come forward, calling it a risk to national security. The POTUS even demanded the NYT to give up its source and wants an investigation into the matter.

It would not be wrong to say the op-ed, which has been penned down by a top Trump administration official, has rocked the foundation of the Trump White House. It talked about an “internal resistance” with the administration that is working against Trump’s agenda and may evoke his impeachment.

The White House chief counselor is no doubt a staunch pro-Trump advocate; going to the lengths of coining terms like “alternative facts” to defend the president, so it is not wonder Conway had a lot of to say about the op-ed author.

The counselor to Trump said the “anonymous” op-ed writer should be “named and shamed” for their cowardly behavior.

“Cowards are like criminals — they eventually suss out themselves because they eventually confess or brag to the wrong person,” Conway said. “And I suspect that’s what will happen here.”

 While Conway is busy calling out “cowardly” behavior of anonymous sources, as is her right, it seems she has forgotten a similar event not too far gone.

When talking to The Washington Post’s reporter Ben Terris, who was working on a profile of the chief counselor’s marriage, she said her husband’s tweets were “disrespectful” and almost a violation of their “marital vows” but immediately after she wanted that comment to go as an anonymous source and not under her name.

When Terris told her he had made no such commitment with her, she made yet another mind-boggling comment, “Fine. I’ve never actually said what I think about it and I won’t say what I think about it, which tells you what I think about it,” she said — whatever that meant.



The chief counselor’s hypocrisy did not go unnoticed by Twitter users.







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