Kellyanne Conway Interrupts Show To Take A Phone Call

Instead of letting her caller wait until she was done, Conway answered the phone regardless. So who was on the other line, President Donald Trump?

White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway is an expert in making appearances that later turn into, well, memes. So how could it be any different when she was invited to join "Fox & Friends" this morning?

As Conway readied to appear on the show Friday, during a commercial break she got a “very important phone call,” as host Ainsley Earhardt described. One, it appears, she could simply not ignore..

As the show came back from commercial break, Conway continued talking on the phone, ignoring the hosts and the show's producers. Quickly, host Clayton Morris pretended to take a call himself saying it was from his mom.

But as Conway finally hung up, host Steve Doocy asked if that was the president, to which Conway replied: “I'll never say.”

Regardless, it's quite clear that whomever it was, it was probably someone so high up that Fox News wasn't concerned at all with allowing their guest to take a call mid-show. And as many have already speculated in the past, it's clear that "Fox & Friends" is extremely friendly to President Donald Trump and his administration, so it's no surprise that the show's producers would be letting Conway get away with anything.

Still, seeing a White House adviser act in this manner while on live TV is sad, to say the least.

She could at least cut Fox some slack and pretend that she doesn't get special treatment because she's part of the Trump administration, but that obviously hasn't crossed her mind.

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