Conway Loudly Gossiped About WH Staffers At Party, Here's The Dirt

Kellyanne Conway regales reporters with her impressions of senior White House staffers and recalled the time she refused to follow Trump's instructions on the Comey disaster.

Kellyanne Conway was at a party recently where she did what all disenchanted employees working with some of the shadiest people in Washington would do: She allegedly complained loudly about her co-workers.

But the issue is, Conway is not just another disgruntled office worker. She is the counselor to the POTUS and her words are naturally news. Especially when she works for one of the leakiest White Houses in modern history and who, during her rant, was leaking sensitive information to journalists at a British Embassy party.

There were repeated and pointed gibes at White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, according to Twitter spy account @KellyanneLeaks. She reportedly even did a rather mean impression of him.


Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that moment.

Conway was clearly not done by then, and went after an unnamed White House staffer who likes to say "Dude!" a lot (Could she be talking of dudebro Jared Kushner here?)

Then Marc Short came up for discussion. Speaking of the White House director of legislative affairs, Conway was incredulous.

She even allegedly divulged to journalists the standard line Trump had advised her to use when quizzed about Comey and his tapes.


Conway's alleged revelations about her co-workers reveal a sad, although not entirely surprising, reality about the current White House administration. That, even as crisis looms ahead, the people running the government would rather squabble about each other behind their backs. Instead of mature, seasoned experts working together for the good of Americans, the White House administration seems more like a bunch of whiny teenagers thrown together, out to get each other. And that is terrifying.

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