Kellyanne Conway Tried To Blast Husband’s Trump Tweets — Anonymously

Kellyanne Conway finally spoke about how her husband’s anti-Trump tweets are “disrespectful.” The catch? She wanted the comment to go as anonymous source.

Kellyanne Conway

President Donald Trump’s chief counselor, Kellyanne Conway, and her husband George Conway have not seen eye-to-eye when it comes to the POTUS.

While Conway has gone to great lengths to defend the Trump administration, even coining now-infamous terms like “alternative facts,” her husband has been a vocal critic of the president, often using his Twitter account to lambast his policies.

It’s also common knowledge Conway does not like talking about his husband’s Twitter stance, losing her cool when asked about it.

But it seems like she finally had her say on how she feels about her husband, from a Trump supporter to being a vocal Trump critic. There was just one problem: she wanted to do it “off the record.”

During an interview with Washington Post reporter Ben Terris, who was working on a profile of the chief counselor’s marriage, she said her husband’s tweets were “disrespectful” and almost a violation of their “marital vows” but immediately after she wanted that comment to go as an anonymous source and not under her name.
When Terris told her he had made no such commitment with her, she made yet another mind-boggling comment, “Fine. I’ve never actually said what I think about it and I won’t say what I think about it, which tells you what I think about it,” she said — whatever that means.


As soon as The Washington Post piece was published, the peculiar demand by Conway — to act as an anonymous source for her marriage — spread on Twitter like wildfire.







While Conway tried to throw her husband under the bus — anonymously — it seems George Conway was rather unperturbed by his wife crossness.

In fact, mere hours after the profile was published, he retweeted a CNN analyst criticizing the White House.

A few days before the profile was published Conway tweeted a lying and cheating CEOs analogy to describe the president amidst the Omarosa Manigault Newman saga.


Terris’ Conway marriage profile asserts the couple usually fights over Conway’s boss.

In one conversation the lawyer regretted he ever introduced his wife to Trump.

“Knowing what I know now ... I would have said no, and never mentioned it when I got home,” he told Terris.

The pro-Trump Conway, on the other hand, reportedly threatened to “push back” on Terris if her husband was given more significance in the profile.

“Nobody knows who I am because of my husband,” Conway told Terris later in the profile. “People know of my husband because of me.”

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