Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump’s Lies: ‘He Doesn't Think He’s Lying’

“He doesn’t think he’s lying about those issues, and you know it,” Conway exclaimed. “He has gone forth and he talked about surveillance.”

President Donald Trump has come under fire for making baseless assertions more than once.

Be it the crowd size at his inauguration ceremony, his repeated claims about a massive voter fraud or his allegations that former President Barack Obama had him wiretapped right before the election, the commander-in-chief has been unable to provide sufficient evidence to support his own words.

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway recently appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” and got into a fiery debate with host Brian Stelter on a number of issues, from the president’s first six months in office to his various scandals.

Conway slammed the network over its critical coverage of Trump, calling it “incredibly unfair and systematically against this president,” and brazenly asked Stelter what scandals had come out of the White House.

“The scandals are about the president’s lies,” the host responded. “About voter fraud, about wire-tapping, his repeated lies about those issues. That’s the scandal.”

Conway, known to go the extra mile when it comes to defend her boss, tried to downplay the severity of such claims by suggesting the president does not know any better.

“He doesn’t think he’s lying about those issues, and you know it. He has gone forth and he talked about surveillance,” she began.

However, Stelter was quick to interrupt her.

“A lot of husbands don’t think they’re lying when they cheat on their spouse and then say they’re not,” he fired back. “It doesn’t mean they’re not lying.”

Stelter wasn’t wrong. Just because Trump apparently “thinks” he is not lying, that somehow makes it OK for him to make such huge claims with zero evidence supporting him? Absolutely not.

It just makes him an ignorant liar.

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