Kentucky Attack Was 11th School Shooting In First 23 Days Of The Year

The deadly Marshall County mass shooting is the 11th to take place in the first month of 2018, making gun violence a major issue early into the year.

Man prays during vigil for Kentucky victims.

The horrific Marshall County, Kentucky, school shooting is the 11th incident of its kind in 2018 so far, meaning that within 23 days, at least 11 schools experienced some kind of gun-related attack.

During Tuesday's rampage, a 15-year-old opened fire against classmates. At least two students were fatally shot, while 20 others were injured.

But just one day prior to the fatal incident, a 15-year-old in Italy, Texas, was wounded in a gun-related incident, and a 14-year-old was also injured after a gun went off in a school parking lot in New Orleans.

After the Kentucky incident, Everytown for Gun Safety reported that the Marshall shooting was the 10th this year alone. But upon further review, The New York Daily News noticed that the New Orleans incident hadn’t been mentioned in the research. Therefore, the deadly Kentucky incident marks the 11th attack involving guns in schools.

While a great deal has been said and reported about mass shootings and their roots since three female freshmen were killed in 1997’s Heath High School attack — the first major school shooting to grab people’s attention — little is ever discussed about the fact that over 60 percent of all gun-related deaths in the United States are suicides.

Perhaps targeting gun violence alone is not key to understanding why such shootings take place. Other elements, such as lack of access to mental health care and little support for broken communities, may also play a large role in triggering these types of incidents.

As we discuss the latest of these horrific tragedies, we should look into solutions that will actually provide people who are desperate for help with the tools they require to avoid going down the dark path of violence or self-harm.

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