Kentucky Deputy Posts Racist ‘Muslim Holler Monkey’ Rant On Facebook

The Boyd County deputy’s post from late January is believed to be a reference to the Obamas following the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

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Whoever said racism was over clearly doesn’t have access to the internet.

A Boyd County, Kentucky, deputy sheriff has been suspended after publishing a racist, Islamophobic Facebook post.

Sheriff Bobby Woods verified that a deputy was responsible for the post but did not give his name, The Root reports. The unnamed law enforcement official has been placed on suspension for 24 days without pay since Jan. 25.

Apparently, this punishment is the “maximum disciplinary action” allowed by department policy, which is absurd.

The offensive post read:


The context of the comment appears to refer to former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama, who no longer occupy the White House.

Although the post was deleted soon after it was shared, the art of screenshot resurrected it. The status made its rounds through social media and all the way to the sheriff’s department.

Brian Hewlett, directing attorney of the local Department of Public Advocacy Trial Office, aptly noted that the deputy’s obvious prejudices present a serious issue as they could interfere with how he serves various demographics while on duty.

"Any bias against a person for their religion, race or sexual identity must not be tolerated in our legal system. The post referenced in our local media disparages individuals in an offensive and repugnant manner that betrays a deep and troubling bias. This type of personal bias is disqualifying and should not be held by anyone charged with upholding the values of fairness and equality in the discharge of their official duties. The person who made these statements clearly possesses an inability to fairly interact with all citizens of Boyd County.

"For this reason, I call on Sheriff Bobby Jack Woods and the officials of Boyd County to act swiftly and transparently. The results of any investigation and personnel actions in light of these allegations should be made available to the public to ensure the citizens of Boyd County that the safety and constitutional rights of all its citizens and the integrity of our justice system are protected."

While the officer may not experience any additional consequences as a result of this reprehensible conduct, it’s important to draw attention to these incidents to keep them from getting swept under the rug. The Boyd County community, and all Americans, deserve to know what kind of people they’re entrusting to protect them.

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