Landlord Accused Of Illegally Evicting And Assaulting Gay Couple

A gay couple In Kentucky claims their landlord of nine months evicted them with just a day’s notice to move out and expressed regret for renting to them.

A gay couple of Clay County, Kentucky claims their landlord kicked them out of their home, physically assaulted one of them, and berated them with a cruel homophobic slur.

Joshua Melton and husband James Feltner said that after about nine months of living in the Manchester townhome they rented together, their landlord gave them just one day’s notice to pack up and ship out, Mic reports.

"She said she should have never rented to the fa**ots," Melton told local reporters.

Adding insult to injury, the landlord is reportedly a local city council member named Esther Thompson.

An official eviction notice wasn’t able to be recovered; however, local reporters found a complaint Thompson filed against the couple a month after the eviction seeking $2,500.

Thompson alleged that the tenants were in violation of their lease by having six dogs inside the home.

"In my 30 years in the rental property business, this is by far one of the worst I have seen," Thompson reportedly wrote in the claim.

In addition to exceeding the pet limit, she also wrote that the couple’s apartment had to be sprayed several times for a roach infestation and the flooring had to be replaced due to the dogs’ accidents.

Melton denounced Thompson’s complaints and said they were all lies. He claims he and his partner only own three Chihuahuas, which they’ve always had and Thompson has been aware of.

According to the Kentucky Equality Federation, which is representing the couple’s case, Thompson assaulted Melton during the eviction and he had to seek medical attention as a result.

“During the illegal eviction, an emergency room visit was necessary for Joshua L. Melton due to a head injury sustained after being struck by City Council Member Esther Thompson, who also stated to witnesses that 'she owned the police,'" the group detailed in a blog post.

Although Thompson hasn’t publicly commented on the accusations being made against her, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time someone from Kentucky expressed anti-gay sentiments.

Kim Davis — the Rowan County clerk infamously known for refusing to sign gay marriage licenses — made headlines for disobeying a Supreme Court order and serving a short stint behind bars in a show of anti-gay martyrdom.

"Discrimination, we won't tolerate it in any form in any part of the Commonwealth," said Jordan Palmer of the equality federation. "It's just unfortunate that it's happened here in Clay County ... again ... but, we will see the case through to the end until justice is served."

Unfortunately, these types of blatant acts of discrimination are becoming less and less shocking as homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and unadulterated hate continues to plague our country. 

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