Kentucky Woman Accepts She Will Die Because She Cannot Afford Dialysis

"It means I’m dying, and that’s OK with me." This is the reality of being unwell in America.


A Kentucky woman has decided that she no longer has the will to fight a manageable disease because Medicaid cannot cover the full cost of her treatment.

When asked about the repercussions of the choice she has been forced to make, she says, “I will die”, but then buries her face in her hands and dabs her tear-soaked eyes.

It is not an entirely hopeless situation.

Susan Moore needs to undergo dialysis thrice a week. Although Medicare and Medicaid cover the cost of her treatment, they do not pay for transport. If she began to cover her transport cost herself, that would “take up [her] whole paycheck”. As she says in a rather straightforward manner, she would “rather die.”

The doctor examining her points out the critical flaw of the medical system. The medical system is supposed to be about people, their struggles and the treatment best equipped at healing them. In Washington, it has become about politics. This is why the medical system fails people like Moore, because it’s not compatible with their needs.

Fortunately, even though legislative procedures for bringing affordable healthcare to people like Moore demand more time, you can still make a positive difference in her life. A GoFundMe page has been set up, which has already exceeded its target. However, the extra money is intended to help other people like Moore and in a country like the U.S. where health care is constantly under political attack, there will be many others.

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