Farmer Brings Water To Wild Animals In Drought-Stricken Kenya

An unsung hero saved countless animals – including lions, zebras, and elephants, to name a few – in drought-stricken Kenya.

With animal population reducing around the world due to climate change and irresponsible human activities, such as polluting the sea, wildlife hunting and poaching, this story of a farmer who worked effortlessly to help thirsty animals certainly comes as a pleasant surprise.

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua fills a watering hole that nourishes local wild animals in drought-stricken Kenya.

He is now being hailed as a hero.

However, his effort comes at a cost.

Mwalua makes four trips to Tsavo every week to deposit 1200 liters of water for the animals. He travels 45km and each trip costs him around $ 300.

Mwalua has also set up a  GoFundMe page and several others have now begun supporting his cause by funding him.

Since the drought, the heroic farmer saved several animals including lions, zebras, and elephants that would have died had it not been for his continuous support.

According to Mwalua, the animals have become so accustomed and dependent on his water delivery service that they literally crowd around his truck waiting for their precious commodity.

“It is unbelievable how they have known the truck and they just wait patiently for water and surrounding the truck as we deliver. They don't harm us because they know we are helping and now I'm a great of fierce buffaloes,” he mentioned in a Facebook post.

According to Action Aid reports, the government declared a state of national disaster earlier in February after the ongoing droughts.

Critical drought conditions have left more than 12 million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

The savior of wildlife also founded TSAVO Volunteers, which runs volunteering organizations within the Tsavo West National Park. 

 Banner Photo Credit: Reuters 

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