Kid Topples $132000 Sculpture. Now His Parents Have To Pay For It

The park demanded the parents to pay a whopping amount of $132,000 after their child accidently knocked over an expensive sculpture.

A five-year-old could have been severely injured after a statue placed in Tomahawk Ridge Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas, fell on him.

However, the park is least bothered about the boy and is asking the parents to pay in damages for the   sculpture worth $132,000.

In the video footage, Troy Goodman can be seen playing with his friend. As the boys wandered about the park, Goodman tried to hug the piece of art before it fell over him. Troy tried to stop the statue from falling but it toppled over him, leaving scratches on his face.

“We heard a bunch of commotion and I thought, 'Whose yelling at my son?'” recalled Troy’s mother, Sarah Goodman. “This glass mosaic torso is laying on the ground and someone is following me around demanding my personal information.”

Talking about the incident that took place in May at a wedding reception, Goodman explained that the statue wasn’t even barricaded. The park didn’t even have a warning sign around the piece of art asking people to stay away from it. “My children are well supervised but all people get distracted,” she said.

“It’s in the main walkway. Not a separate room. No plexiglass. Not protected. Not held down,” she continued. “There was no border around it. There wasn’t even a sign around it that said, ‘Do not touch.’”

A spokesperson for the park said the sculpture was never meant to be touched, claiming that such piece of arts are public property and it’s the society’s responsibility to look after them. “There’s a societal responsibility that you may not interact with it if it’s not designed for interaction,” said Sean Reilly.

“It was a piece that was loaned to us that we are responsible for. That’s public money. We are responsible to protect the public investment,” he continued.

Apparently, the spokesperson and the Kansas City Park forgot that taking care of children is also a major part of the “societal responsibility.”

The artist who created the sculpture also wanted a reimbursement.

“I want to be reimbursed for the amount of time that I spent on it and for what I think it is worth,” said Bill Lyons.

Now, Troy’s parents are left in a state of confusion after receiving a letter from the city's insurance company asking them to pay a whopping amount of $132,000 for the damaged piece of art.

“It’s clear accidents happen and this was an accident. I don’t want to diminish the value of their art. But I can’t pay for that,” Goodman told The Kansas City Star.  “$132,000 is completely astronomical,” she said. “We’ll see what the insurance company says and if they’re going to take it to lawyers. We don’t know.”

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