Was India's Leading Hospital Involved In Illegal Organ Trade?

Although Apollo Hospital pleads ignorance on what happened on the premises, some new allegations and developments point in a different direction.

A kidney racket unfolding in one of India's best hospitals has shocked many, and appalled most.

It was initially reported that the hospital, although unknowingly, had facilitated illegal organ trade. At Apollo Hospital, poor, vulnerable people were operated on for approximately $7,500. Their kidneys were resold at enormous profit margins.

It was believed that the culprits forged papers and misled doctors into thinking that the patients were donating organs to their relatives.

Kidney Racket

"The hospital has been a victim of a well-orchestrated operation to cheat patients and the hospital," an Apollo spokesman said.

The hospital also urged the police to take action, ensuring its cooperation.

However, the latest revelations have raised questions about the extent of the hospital's involvement. Of the five culprits arrested, two are members of the hospital staff.

These two, Sailesh Saxena and Aditya Singh, were personal assistants of a senior nephrologist at the hospital. The families of the accused now claim that the nephrologist was complacent in the crimes, and is more at fault than Saxena and Singh.

“I don’t know who is behind this but my son has been trapped by hospital staff. Their roles should also be investigated,” Saxena's mother, Sumanlata, alleged.

The nephrologist has not yet been arrested because he is not in India.

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