Killfie: The Life-Threatening Selfie Trend That Needs To Die

A ludicrous new trend of taking dangerous selfies is making waves on the internet. With every click, killfie takers risk their lives.

Selfies are an inevitable part of life these days. Whether with friends, at a beautiful destination or just a fabulous plate of food, people feel the need to record their exact reactions for the masses.

With the young generation getting accustomed to sharing almost every single remarkable — but often trivial — moment of their life on social media, the race to get the perfect selfie is at its peak. 

However, for some people the selfie game is getting extremely dangerous.

A new trend on the internet, known as the killfie, is killing people who get distracted while attempting to take a perfect self-portrait at life-threatening locations.

A young man in West Virginia was recently caught on camera after he climbed the very top of the Westin tower in Virginia Beach and got his friend to snap a picture of him. The father of the unnamed boy called the police and Westin, hoping they alert other businesses about this dangerous trend.

Westin is the tallest building in the state of Virginia. And the top of the building is made up of condominiums. This means the boy risked his life twice, once while climbing the skyscraper and then while hanging from it.

Luckily he did not get hurt.

While some people believe pulling off daring stunts for a selfie makes them look cool, the outcome can be quite dangerous. What these risk takers (read: reckless beings) don’t realize is that with every single click they willingly embrace death; sometimes they are lucky, while other times the Grim Reaper wins.

After this dangerous incident, the police in Virginia are warning parents and businesses about the bizarre trend. They are also urging parents to inform their kids about the hazards of attempting a killfie.

According to a study from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and other institutions 127 people have died and many more have been hurt while trying to get the perfect selfie, since March 2014. The most common type of “killfie” involved “people falling off buildings or mountains while trying to take dangerous selfies.”

Accidental deaths that occur while people try to take selfies are on a rise. Last year, popular tourist spots in Mumbai were declared "no selfie zones" following an 18-year-old's accidental drowning while trying to capture a photo.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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