South Korea Hits Back At Kim Jong-Un's H-Bomb Test With K-Pop

Kim Jong-Un just made it clear that he has no intentions of abandoning his nuclear ambitions. South Korea has found a rather unique way of responding to the dictator.

What to do get the man who has everything, including an alleged week of hydrogen bomb tests, for his 33rd birthday? South Korea found the perfect retaliatory gift for North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un: blaring K-Pop.

Jong-un's North Korea is bragging about the bomb test while raising tensions on the Korean peninsula. The South restarted its propaganda machinery as it blasted out K-Pop on loudspeakers at the border, something that has angered its hostile northern neighbor in the past.

"We are putting out critical messages about Kim Jong-un's regime and its fourth nuclear test, saying North Korea's nuclear weapons development is putting its people in more difficult times economically," a Korean military official said.

According to reports, the broadcasts can be heard up to 12 miles away from the border and reportedly insult Kim.

Last year in August, South Korea did something similar in retaliation for injuring two of their soldiers with mines.

However, taking the current situation into account, the U.K. has told South Korea to go easy on the propaganda for fear of needlessly angering the hermit kingdom.

"We urge South Korea to exercise restraint," British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said during a visit in Japan. "It is simply rising to the bait."

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