Kim Jong-un Tries His Luck At Matchmaking

Kim Jong-un is known for his dictatorial leadership style and love for nuclear weapons, but he also holds his family very dear.

After multiple nuclear launches, the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is now set to launch a dating competition.

The communist leader is apparently looking for a prospective husband for his 29-year-old unmarried sister, who was recently elected as a member of the Central Committee in the country.

However, with the specifications provided by Jong-un, finding a spouse for Kim Yo-jong seems like an impossible task unless the person is tailor-made.

The man apparently will only be deemed suitable for marriage if he is a graduate of or a student at Pyongyang’s Kim Il-sung University and is at least 5'10" tall. He must also have served in the army.

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Kim Jong-un intends on meeting around 30 candidates during the competition after which he will shortlist possible suitors and further eliminate, until he finds the right one for his sister.

“Students at Kim Il-sung University had to step aside to make way for Yo-jong in the hallway and no one was allowed to get in the same elevator with her except her classmate,” said one man from North Korea who escaped to the South of the country.

This is not the first time Kim is going to extreme lengths to get his sister married. Earlier in 2012, a similar contest was held, but sadly no man met his sister’s expectations. Considering the family any suitor would have to marry into (and his future brother-in-law's penchant for offing relatives), it is no surprise that Yo-jong is having a hard time finding a spouse.

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