Kim Crosses The DMZ To Enter South Korea In A Historic Moment

“Maybe this is the right time for you to enter the North,” Kim said inviting the South Korean leader to step into the North side of the DMZ.

The historic summit between North and South Korea saw North Korean Despot Kim Jong Un cross the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), the de-facto border between the two Koreas, to the audible gasps of over 2000 journalists stationed at the media center in Ilsan near the DMZ.

“A new history begins now,” Kim declared, as he met with South Korean President Moon Jae In. He said he would be happy to visit the Presidential Blue House “anytime” Moon would invite him.

The North Korean leader also promised to not interrupt Moon’s sleep anymore with missile launches.

In an unscripted move, Moon asked Kim, “Chairman Kim, you have come to the south side, when will I be able to go to the North?” to which Kim replied, “Maybe this is the right time for you to enter the North.”

The North Korean despot then took Moon’s hands, inviting him to cross the border into the north side of Korea.

Kim Jong Un

"This was not planned in advance, and President Moon entered North Korean soil where they took official pictures together,” said South Korea's senior presidential secretary for public communication Yoon Young Chan.

In a meeting laden with firsts, Kim became the first North Korean leader to witness South Korean guard-of-honor.

Kim Jong Un

Moon thanked Kim for working towards achieving peace in the Korean peninsula.

“President Moon, I heard you didn't sleep very well because you had to take part in a National Security Council meeting, and you have habitually been waking up very early ... I will make sure I won't interrupt your morning sleep anymore,” said Kim.

The two leaders discussed improving transportation through the Korea Train Express (KTX), a high speed rail. Kim also hoped the transportation system could be updated in order for Moon to “have more convenient ways to travel to the North in future.”

The North Korean despot said he had concerns over the meeting taking place in South Korea but trust was established through the talks between the officials from both the sides.

“It has taken us over 10 years for me to make that very short walk over to the South, but we have come a long way and with a very strong resolve, if we hold hands together, I’m sure things are going to improve very significantly,” Kim said. “Let’s meet more often from now on.”

Kim Jong Un

Moon also emphasized the importance of dealing with the Korean peninsula issues among themselves.

“The problem on the Korean Peninsula should be attended to by the masters of the problem, which is us Koreans. We will keep pace with the world and through our efforts, take the lead and have neighboring countries come together with us,” he said.

The two leaders separated for lunch and will meet again for the second part of the meeting.

Thumbnail / Banner : Korea Summit Press Pool / Pool via Reuters

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