North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Shows He Can Pilot A Plane – Well, Sort Of

When the North Korean leader is not busy threatening to nuke his neighbors and the West, he is usually seen in videos with dubious editing.

Nearly a week after North Korea failed to launch its second long-range missile, Pyongyang released a video to send a message to the world: Kim Jong-un can fly a plane — sort of.

North Korean state media recently released a bizarre video clip, entitled "Kim Jong-un the Great Supreme Commander and the Consolidation of a Powerful Army,” featuring the hermit kingdom’s young leader performing a variety of tasks.

Throughout the video, posted above, you’ll mostly see Kim giving guidance to other people. But around the 38:42 mark, he springs into action inside the cockpit of a plane.

Kim flies the aircraft while nervously glancing at his co-pilot, who, by the way, glues his hand on the throttle.

Oh, and it’s over an hour long, so make sure you have popcorn and a lot of stamina to watch the entire clip.

The footage has tons of dubious editing. But that’s pretty common with propaganda videos coming out of the reclusive state that show stuff like, “How Americans Live Today,” how North Korean soldiers will “Invade Seoul and take 150,000 US Residents Hostage” and how Kim Jong-un will "Lay Waste To Washington."

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