Trump Called A Fox News Anchor For Advice Before Dumping Paris Accord

Guilfoyle, the co-host of The Five, unabashedly defended the president's decision to pull out of the climate agreement, even calling it a “brave and courageous thing.”



Before withdrawing the United States from the landmark 2015 global agreement to fight climate change, guess who President Donald Trump called to seek advice on the issue?

Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Yes, the leader of the free world, who has access to the world’s greatest minds on the subject of climate and related phenomena, consulted a Fox News anchor over an issue of such international significance.

On her show, Guilfoyle, who was once reportedly being considered as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's replacement, revealed Trump called her before publicly announcing the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris agreement.

“I think he did the brave and courageous thing, and in fact I told him that this morning ... when he called,” she said, referring to the president’s decision. “I spoke to him about it, and this was something very much so on his mind.”

And if this piece of information stunned you, you’re not alone.

Guilfoyle’s co-host Greg Gutfield also asked her in amazement: “Wait a second. Who called you? I think that you buried the lead here.”

“I know, yeah, the president called me at 8 in the morning,” she replied. “I thought it was Fox News. But then he said he loves ‘The Five’ — ‘terrific show’ — and said to say hello to all of you.”

While defending the POTUS’ decision, Guilfoyle also added her two cents on the matter.

“I don’t think this is a deal that anybody should be crying about. Like we said, it’s nonbinding, and the United States is already a clean energy, oil and gas leader. So we can keep doing what we’re doing.”

So, as per Guilfoyle’s logic if you’re a clean energy, oil and gas leader, it’s perfectly fine if you drop out of an agreement that calls for clean energy, oil and gas…?

Let’s just leave this here.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Jonathan Ernst

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