Dad Proudly Lets 8-Year-Old Bite The ‘Warm Quivering Heart’ Of A Deer

A hunter has drawn the internet’s ire by boasting about his daughter’s first kill and sharing a grisly image of her nibbling on the animal’s raw heart.

Warning: Graphic content

A New Zealand hunter sparked outrage on social media after sharing a photo of his young daughter nibbling on the heart of her first kill, a deer, at Makapua Station in Hawke's Bay.

Johnny Yulie, a police officer, submitted the images of the father-daughter hunting trip on the NZ Woman Hunters Facebook page. One of the two photos showed the 8-year-old posing with the dead animal and the rifle she used to kill it, while the second was a close-up of her bloodied face as she ate the deer’s raw heart.

Apparently, the grisly act is a hunting ritual to honor someone's first deer kill.

“I’m a proud Dad… check out my little pink ninja princess Chloe (8) with her first deer a young stag. Shot in a bush block on a friends [sic] farm last weekend,” Yulie wrote online. “She made tricky downhill shot using my shoulder as a leaning rest and shot with dads [sic] 7 mm-08 at about 40m.”

While the first part of his online post was enough to draw social media’s ire as is, the ending truly set the internet ablaze with fury.

“Then she took a bite from its warm quivering heart, go Chloe,” Yuile added.

Unsurprisingly, the post immediately drew attention and the comment section filled up with people criticizing the hunter’s parenting.

Some went as far as to call Yulie “sadistic” and “psychopathic.”


Many wondered if the daughter was forced to take a bite out of the heart, but as it turns out, she liked the whole thing.

In fact, she told NZ Stuff the deer's heart “tasted quite nice,” adding that she felt inspired to take part in the hunting tradition after watching her uncle do the same thing.

“I thought it was really cool because I like hunting with my dad and we can get some meat for my family,” she continued. “I like crumbed meat.”

Meanwhile, some online users appeared A-OK with the picture.

The NZ Woman Hunters Facebook page has since been taken down.

Yuile understands that some people do not agree with hunting, but he was particular about firearm safety and only hunting for meat. He also asserted that father-daughter bonding time was a major part of his hunting trip.

"This is just the first time she has shot a deer. She's been coming out with me since she was eight months old with a front pack,” he said. “I've other kids and they're all keen as to go hunting. We've been on hunts, all of us, before.”


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