Racist Students Wear KKK Costume For Halloween, Give Nazi Salute

“I think in this day and age people don't think of the consequences for their actions or how that might impact others around them.”

Two high school students from Chesapeake, Virginia reportedly posted racist photos on instagram.

One of the pictures shows a student wearing a KKK hood with a white robe on a sofa and another one shows that student accompanied by another teenager wearing a cowboy hat. Both of them can be seen doing the Nazi salute in the picture.

 “Happy Halloween f***ers,” read the caption to the disturbing images.

People are naturally outraged over the students’ open display of racism.

Some people reported the bigoted teenagers attend Hickory High School.

According to 13News Now, when they contacted Chesapeake Public Schools for comment, a spokesperson responded with this statement, “The school division is aware of the incident and is taking appropriate action; however, we do not comment on individual student discipline.”

Whether the students will be punished for their actions wasn’t disclosed.

It is ironically becoming a common practice by schools to not disclose details of such outrageous incidents.

Just last month, some high school students in southern Iowa appeared in a photo wearing KKK hoods and burning a cross next to a Confederate flag. After the incident, the school said it had disciplined the students, but the officials refused to give further details on the matter.

People from the community have expressed their disgust and agony while speaking about the teenagers involved in the incident.

 “It makes me very angry it’s up to the parents to discipline those children and tell them what’s right and wrong,” said a woman from the community, Kitty Thompson.

“I think in this day and age people don't think of the consequences for their actions or how that might impact others around them or how others might interpret their actions,” said Cedric West, stressing on the importance of responsibility.

In another racist encounter, photos of some teenagers with a swastika and a KKK pumpkin were spotted.

How such students are letting their inner racist demons out in the name of Halloween is disturbing to say the least. Schools must take responsible actions to eradicate this plague of racist mentality growing in the minds of young men and women and counsel them.

Thumbnail/Banner: Reuters/Vasily Fedosenko 

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