KKK Gets Out The Vote With Egregious Fliers

The KKK really wants to make sure that Donald Trump is elected, so they handed out despicable fliers in Alabama.

Police were called in Northern Alabama when the KKK came calling with fliers trying to recruit members and get out the vote. 

The KKK and the Donald Trump campaign have been holding hands practically since the beginning of the election, however much Trump tries to deny his popularity within the group and even his knowledge of what the KKK stands for. (Let's not forget that Trump had to pay up in a federal lawsuit for discriminating against black renters and routinely kicks black people out of his rallies.)

Trump certaintly hasn't denounced the support of the hate group as they handed out fliers to try to recruit members and encouraged people to vote. The fliers used offensive language (calling African Americans "N***oes") and blamed the deaths of unarmed African Americans by police on the victims.

"Please join and help us take our country back," the KKK asks voters. "Black Lives Matter Black Panthers are telling followers to kill white people and police officers in the name of justice for the killing of N***os [sic] be [sic] policemen in the line of duty. These N***os[sic] were not innocent. They were thugs breaking the law and standing up against police."

Madison County's police captain, John Stringer stated "We got some complaints, but there's nothing in the verbiage that is subversive."

The back of the pamphlets consisted of a page enticing people to vote for their values. "Get out to the poles [sic] and vote," they read. "Your vote could decide if we have a country anymore or not."

By "we" the reader must assume the Klan means white supremacists who are feeling emboldened by the hateful rhetoric from Trump's campaign. While the fliers do not explicitly give Trump's name, the group has been vocal about their support for the candidate and has timed this flier campaign just before the election.

Heidi Beirich of Southern Poverty Law Center reported to WHNT, "It breaks my hearts that people receive this kind of material, but unfortunately, this is the Klan using its First Amendment rights. So, they have every ability to do this." 

As the elections near, anybody on the fence about who to vote for should be aware that one candidate has the endorsement of the most despicable hate group to be born on American soil and the other is Hillary Clinton. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @HuffPostPol

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