KKK Leader Is ‘Glad’ Heather Heyer Died During Charlottesville Rally

“I think we're going to see more stuff like this happening at white nationalist events. So I think there will be more violence like this in the future to come.”

The United States lost a brave soul when a white supremacist rammed his vehicle into a crowd of anti-racism protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, and killed a paralegal named Heather Heyer. The 32-year-old hero was among hundreds of counter-protesters who had come to the city to oppose the white nationalists, neo-Nazis and the members of Ku Klux Klan and so-called alt-right, who descended upon the streets holding tiki torches and shouting slogan of white power to protest the removal of the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

People across the country mourned Heyer’s tragic death allegedly at the hands of 20-year-old neo-Nazi James Alex Fields. However, since we’re apparently living in a time when humanity is all but dead and some people thing their lives and ideology, no matter how vile and violent, is somehow better than everyone else’s, there are some people who are celebrating the brave woman’s death.

Justin Moore, the grand dragon for the Loyal White Knights of Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina, recently said he was “glad” Heyer was killed during the rally in Charlottesville.

“I'm sorta glad that them people got hit and I'm glad that girl died,” Moore told CBS affiliate WBTV in voicemail message. “They were a bunch of communists out there protesting against somebody's freedom of speech, so it doesn't bother me that they got hurt at all.”

He also warned the deadly violence witnessed in Virginia was just the beginning.

“I think we're going to see more stuff like this happening at white nationalist events,” he added. “We were out there and I seen a lot of communist flags and anti-fascist and we're going to see more stuff like this. White people are getting fed up with the double standard setup in America today by the controlled press... So I think there will be more violence like this in the future to come.”

The imperial wizard of KKK North Carolina chapter, Chris Barker, also agreed with Moore’s sentiment.

“When a couple of them die, it doesn’t bother us,” he told WBTV, claiming the Unite the Right rally would have been “peaceful” if “the anti-fascist and the communists” hadn’t shown up.

“They’re always attacking and messing with our rallies,” Barker continued.

The Loyal White Knights of the KKK headquarters has reportedly set a voice message praising Fields for “running over nine communist anti-fascists” on their phone, which means every time someone calls the number, they hear this:

“Nothing makes us more proud at the KKK than we see white patriots such as James Fields Jr., age 20, taking his car and running over nine communist anti-fascist ... James Fields, hail victory. It’s men like you that have made the great white race strong and will be strong again.”

It is disgusting, to put it mildly.

The deadly weekend in Charlottesville also claimed the lives of two police officers. A University of Virginia employee, Tyler Magill, is also fighting for his life in ICU after being beaten up by a torch-wielding neo-Nazi. Magill was identified as the man who chased Unite the Right rally organizer Jason Kessler away from a press conference while yelling, “Her name was Heather.”

Banner/Thumbnail: Reuters, Vasily Fedosenko

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