Israeli Lawmaker's Mind-Boggling Explanation Why Palestine Can't Exist

Even though Israeli politicians are no stranger to making shocking statements, this comment by a Knesset lawmaker just takes the cake.

Just when you think politicians can’t get any more stupid, there is always someone who surprises you with the most unexpected of comments.

Case in point: Anat Berko, an Israeli lawmaker recently gave the most absurd reason for why the country of Palestine cannot exist — because, the Arabic script does not have the consonant "P" in it.

She started her address, in what might have seemed to her, in a truly knowledgeable fashion.

“I want to go back to history, what is our place here, about Jerusalem, about Palestine, when like we said, Arabic doesn’t even have ‘P,’ so this loan-word also merits scrutiny,” the Jewish member of Knesset explains in the debate over the two-state nation. “Those are the facts; I’ll send them to you. It’s fine.” 

Although there is no “P” sound in Arabic, the word for “Palestine” in Arabic, which is also the country’s official language is, Falastin. Incidentally, the country’s name is also pronounced in the same way in Hebrew, which is the most spoken language of Israel.

Even after the opposition lawmakers intervened and tried to correct Berko in her false assumptions, she kept insisting, “There is no ‘Pa.’ There’s ‘Fa.’”

Her cluelessness raised the ire of the other Knesset members who walked out in protest. Tamar Zandberg, a member of the secular party, Meretz, even went as far as to call her out over her stupidity: “What? Did everyone hear this? Are you an idiot?”

Berko later tried to explain she was alluding to the fact Romans referred to the country as Syria Palaestina, and obviously, her statement met with further ridicule.

Social media users thought her comments were way out of context also.





Apparently, there is no shortage of fools in the Israeli Parliament. Just this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his desire to wall off Israel to protect it from the outside world.

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